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Is TypeThursday the most diverse & inclusive event for designers?

Attendees of TypeThursday London

Attendees of TypeThursday London

Key findings from the recent TypeThursday Survey reveal not only a diverse demographic but also a diverse programme and inclusive culture and ethos. TypeThursday attracts designers from all disciplines to present and discuss a diverse range of work with letterforms: calligraphy, type design, logos, branding, digital and print layout, motion graphics, physical products and research in a non-hierarchical, educational critique.  

  • 72% of followers surveyed say that the positive atmosphere where they meet new people and feel part of a team is the reason they return.

  • 84% of followers surveyed have recommended TypeThursday to someone else.

“TypeThursday is run by volunteers with most of the tickets being given away free to ensure it’s accessible to all. There’s no hierarchy. The presentations are highly interactive. Beginners and experts mingle, share work and help each other out.”  Thomas Jockin, Founder, TypeThursday.

Key survey findings:

Type Thursday has a diverse audience

  • TypeThursday followers identify themselves as 57% female

  • 61% are under 34 years of age.

  • 47% do not identify being of white race/ethnicity.

TypeThursday has an educated audience

  • 88% of followers are design educated to Bachelors or Masters degree level.

  • 82% went to university or art school.

TypeThursday has a professional audience

  • 84% of followers have practiced art/design professionally.

  • 54% are graphic designers.

Perceived Value

  • 84% of followers surveyed have recommended TypeThursday to someone else.

  • 77% gave 4 or 5 as their disappointment rating (on a scale of 1 to 5) should TypeThursday cease to exist.  

  • 66% would seek out a replacement if TypeThursday ceased to exist.


  • 72% say the positive atmosphere where they meet new people and feel part of a great community is the reason they return and 42% say the networking is the main benefit of attending.

Most people who follow TypeThursday come to our events and return

  • 84% of respondents had attended a TypeThursday event once or more.

  • Most of those who had not cited distance or schedule as the reason.

95% of event attendees also follow us on social media

  • Instagram and the TypeThursday newsletter are the most followed channels.

Type Thursday is mainly self-funding.

Supported by the community and created for the community. All sponsor funds go into supporting the design community such as by creating educational content. In some cities, dependent on local funding, it is free of charge.

About TypeThursday

TypeThursday is organised by volunteers to support designers in the pursuit of the letterform arts. Each month in cities around the world designers meet, share work-in-progress and learn from each other in a fun social setting. At this time TypeThursday operates in Barcelona, Bucharest, Florence, Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

About the TypeThursday Survey

In March 2019 Type Thursday surveyed followers to update our audience profile and discover their views. Each established chapter in the cities of Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and London promoted the survey and a total of 104 completed surveys were returned. Respondents answered 22 questions. Here’s a summary of the results.

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Full results are available in PDF format: