Fontastic! Boldacious! X-heighting!

Our global type superfamily converges monthly to help one another improve our letterforms over drinks.

Since 2015, our events have attracted 3,000+ letterform lovers! Meet us in a city near you.


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What goes down at TypeThursday?

In short: it’s three hours of fontastic fun. Our monthly events kick off with social time and drinks, followed by an hour of Type Crit, our moderated group critique of up to three, in-progress projects involving letterform design and/or usage. You can get, give, or simply listen to feedback. After Type Crit, attendees can hang out for another hour of social time before the event wraps. Get tickets for the next TypeThursday event in your area.

How do I submit my work to TypeThursday?

Visit the chapter page for the city nearest you and click “Submit your work for Type Crit” (located directly below the “Register” button). We accept any in-progress work involving the use or design of letterforms. 


  • Logotype designs

  • Hand lettering

  • Calligraphy

  • Typeface designs

  • Print layouts that involve typesetting

  • Comic strips/books that include lettering/type

  • UI designs that need hierarchical sharpening

… or make up a new genre of type-related work and blow our minds! Learn more about the TypeThursday presentation experience. 

My biggest concern was … [presenting] work more hand lettering- or monogram-oriented rather than showcasing an actual typeface. However, after the first critique where I presented both sketches and vector designs, I received great feedback.
— Nikita Prokhorov, Type Thursday New York presenter and lettering artist

Why should I attend TypeThursday?

We welcome all type(face)s

Our events attract letterform lovers in cities worldwide, hailing from all disciplines and levels of expertise. We’ve seen everyone from professors to full-time typeface designers, to even UI designers and illustrators! You’ll spot friendly faces, and even the occasional famous face. No matter your background, if you like type, you’ll be right at home. 


Raise the baseline on your letterform work

At TypeThursday, you’ll be treated to something you can’t always get from a BFF, grandma, or the adjacent cubicle: type-centric discussion from informed and diverse perspectives. Some attend TypeThursday to get advice on their work. Some relish jumping into the conversation to share tips and tricks. Others attend just to listen. And all attendees, from presenters to observers, benefit from the open exchange of knowledge.


Get connected like a ligature. 

Making friends is hard. Finding fellow letterheads can be even harder. 

If you’re a recent transplant to one of our TypeThursday cities, transitioning from school, or entering the workforce as a freelancer, our events are a great place to meet like-minded creatives and make professional connections in a fun, informal setting. No membership. No dues. And no prime marks in place of apostrophes. 

I’ve found the type community in San Francisco to be very kind and welcoming. The social aspect of TypeThursday is pretty fantastic.
— Tommi Sharp, TypeThursday San Francisco presenter and senior designer

Why present my work at TypeThursday?

We’ll help you dot your i’s and cross your t’s

TypeThursday attendees love letterforms. Big-time. This means you’ll get detailed advice, delivered with care by fellow creators who know how much time goes into crafting crisp characters. Your work will emerge refined … no dots left behind. 

I could tell there was a genuine interest in getting the type to the best place possible. I was pleasantly surprised to get notes of my crit, which I relied on later when making changes.
— Hector Torres, TypeThursday Los Angeles presenter and MFA graphic design student

We’re moderated and educated, but always sans sheriff

TypeThursday prides itself on awesome advice and equally good vibes. Our Dialogue Leads help turn attendees’ feedback for presenters into a conversation. No snobbery. No design police. Just a room full of knowledgeable letterform lovers helping one another do the best work we can.

I loved the fact that the audience is willing to help you put your best work forward. From top type critics to young designers starting out, everyone’s sharing their thoughts and cheering you on in your exploration to perfect your craft.
— Cristina Vanko, TypeThursday Chicago

No letterform is too grotesk for us

Think your work is in too rough a state to show at TypeThursday? Never fear — that’s the way we like it! Presenting your letterform-centric work before before you’ve gotten too attached to experiment is the best way to maximize the smart, varied feedback you’re going to receive from your fellow letterheads. So feel free to bring on the grotesk, sans stress!

The audience is full of talented artists who are happy to share their knowledge in an open, non-judgmental environment.”
— Masha Vainblat, TypeThursday New York City presenter and designer/web developer

Presenters on the TypeThursday experience

We think showing work at TypeThursday is pretty rad, but we’re a bit biased. So don’t just take it from us — our presenters have great things to say, too! Click over to our “Better Letters Together” series on Medium, featuring the stories of these 10 TypeThursday presenters:


Cristina Vanko, Chicago
Representational script lettering project


Luke Freeman, London
Sans serif typeface design for grime music scene


Ravi Joshi, New York City
Typesetting for a logo design


Masha Vainblat, New York City
Digitization of hand drawn blackletter characters


Meet us in a city near you!