TypeThursday Year One 2015–2016

TypeThursday Year One 2015–2016


Celebrate the start of a cultural institution

Now in multiple cities in the United States, TypeThursday had humble beginnings.

Julie Thompson has spent the last year documenting the start of this cultural movement we call TypeThursday. Now produced as a limited edition and beautifully designed book with the same thoughtfulness and care we put in our events. 

Reflect on designers finding their voice

Dedicated participants have returned to TypeThursday month after month and cultivated distinct voices with letterforms. We honor this dedication and growth by learning more about these individuals. You will be inspired to develop your voice by the possibilities revealed by these dedicated participants.

Level up your knowledge of letterforms

Instead of spending hours on Medium, gain the insights of hundreds of hours in a few minutes with spotlight interviews organized by theme. Become a better designer with insights from industry practitioners working at Commercial Type, H&Co., Adobe, House Industries, Font Bureau, Etsy, Google and more.

This is your chance to discover the latest insights by the top practitioners in the letterform arts.

Limited to a run of 150 books.