Be a majuscule in your local design community

Become a TypeThursday Chapter Lead!

Are you a seasoned designer who loves type and is looking to bump your leadership experience from the lowercase to the uppercase? Consider volunteering as a TypeThursday Chapter Lead!

What we’re looking for in a Chapter Lead


Freelance with years of experience and no plans to work as a traditional employee.

Has freedom in time allocation to meet obligations.

Leadership skills

Either possesses capabilities to work with a large team of people, or has the desire to gain such capabilities.

Personal Effectiveness

  • Be engaged and look for opportunities to grow the organization.

  • Before acting, take a moment to think about what is the end goal.

  • With limited time and resources, place your focus on the most important objectives.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Uncover how the priorities of others can be served by working with TypeThursday.

  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood others when conflict reveals itself.

  • Create space for valuable things to occur.

A Desire to be Connected

Has lived in the particular city for over 1 year.

Has a desire to reach out to their local industry.

A Personal Connection

A motivation to letterforms in some personal and heartfelt manner.

Benefits of being a TypeThursday Chapter Lead

Starting a chapter is a significant project.

While this is true, the rewards of being a Chapter Lead for TypeThursday are also significant.

  1. More Awareness of Yourself

    • The key to promotion is being “top of mind” for your market.

      • You are front and center at your events.

  2. Access to TypeThursday’s growing network of organizational allies

    • Adobe Typekit

    • Monotype

    • Google

    • AIGA

    • STA

    • The Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography [HMCT]

    • Type Director’s Club

    • WeWork

  3. Opportunities to Cultivate Professional Practice

    • Public Speaking

    • Leadership Development

      • Access to the leadership network in the TypeThursday mastermind

    • Reimbursement for Education

      • Workshops

      • Seminars

      • Conference

This sounds perfect for me! How do I get started‽

Review this document on Starting a Chapter.

If you’d like to proceed, contact TypeThursday Founder, Thomas Jockin, below:

Name *