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About Type Thursday

We are a living place for curiosity and collaboration, meeting and meaning. The heart of a creative community.  All are welcome.

People in Type Thursday event

What goes down at
Type Thursday?

                                    In short: it’s three hours of fontastic fun. Our monthly events kick off with social time and drinks, followed by an hour of Type Crit, our moderated group critique of up to three, in-progress projects involving letterform design and/or usage. You can get, give, or simply listen to feedback. After Type Crit, attendees can hang out for another hour of social time before the event wraps. Get tickets for the next TypeThursday event in your area.

Why should I attend
Type Thursday?

We welcome all type(face)s. Our events attract letterform lovers in cities worldwide, hailing from all disciplines and levels of expertise. We’ve seen everyone from professors to full-time typeface designers, to even UI designers and illustrators! You’ll spot friendly faces, and even the occasional famous face. No matter your background, if you like type, you’ll be right at home. Raise the baseline on your letterform work

At TypeThursday, you’ll be treated to something you can’t always get from a BFF, grandma, or the adjacent cubicle: type-centric discussion from informed and diverse perspectives. Some attend TypeThursday to get advice on their work. Some relish jumping into the conversation to share tips and tricks. Others attend just to listen. And all attendees, from presenters to observers, benefit from the open exchange of knowledge.

Meet the Team

Mirko Velimirovic Iverson


Mirko Velimirovic Iverson

Discussion Lead New York

Thomas Jockin


Thomas Jockin


Anselm Dästner


Anselm Dästner

Chapter Lead New York

  • 01 Who should go?
    Anyone who loves letterforms. We always welcome a new (type)face.
  • 02 Do I have to present?
    Not at all! Some people come to network, some to learn and observe, and some to help give feedback. Your level of participation is up to you.
  • 03 Why should I consider presenting at Type Crit?
    You'll get free, friendly, fast feedback from fellow font fanatics Type Crit presenters get free admission to the event We shower presenters with love on our Twitter and Instagram pages
  • 04 What kinds of work can I show at Type Crit?
    We accept any work involving the use or design of letterforms. Examples: Logotype designs Hand lettering Calligraphy Typeface designs Print layouts that involve typesetting UI designs that need hierarchical sharpening … or make up a new genre of type-related work and blow our minds!
  • 05 How do I submit work to Type Crit?
    each location page has a 'share your work' form We'll display your work using a projector hooked up to a laptop.
  • 06 Do I need to be a graphic designer to present?
    You can be anything you want. It might actually give you even more insights if you are less familiar with typography and we are eager to share our knowledge and thoughts. please don't hesitate, we want to see everyone.
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