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Terms and conditions

  • I understand I need to RSVP to the event. Submitting work does not ensure attendance to the TypeThursday event. I will RSVP at TypeThursdayNYC if I have not done so already.

  • No Confidential Materials - I promise my submission is not restricted from public display by a confidentiality agreement that would get me or TypeThursday into trouble.

  • It is my work - I am the author of the fabulous work submitted and I have the right to display it in a public forum in all its grandeur. I appreciate that TypeThursday will make no claim of ownership to the work I am submitting and is supportive of my creative efforts.

  • TypeThursday may take pictures & video - I authorize photographs and video to be taken of superstar me and my awesome work as presented at TypeThursday events and the photos and videos to be used by TypeThursday in subsequent publications, communications, or other such publicly displayed and distributed materials. I agree to make no claim of ownership to the images and video produced

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