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               How to Get the Best Experience When You Share Work at TypeThursday

A designer presenting a font she's working on

The goals are:

Make yourself known within the community.

Improve your work with constructive feedback.

Consider new possibilities you did not consider.

With those considerations in mind, here are suggestions to achieve the best experience at Type Thursday.

The limitations are: 

Five minute duration for sharing

Work is shown over a projector to

a room of ~50 attendees


Have a conversation with your Dialogue Lead.

Think of the interaction you would have with a friend over coffee. TypeThursday is a very casual environment. It is more of a conversation than a presentation. You’ll be in front with a Dialogue Lead; focus on speaking to them. The Dialogue Lead will make sure you feel safe and understood.


Share one project

Since you only have five minutes, you can only get useful and direct feedback on one project at a time. If your project has different variations that are part of a series, that’s ok. But showing completely different projects prevents the most effective conversation. You can share your other projects another time at TypeThursday!


Share the work in a landscape format

Projectors and screens display in a landscape format. Making a presentation portrait is inefficient use of the screen. This makes it hard for people in the back to see your work and give useful feedback.


Offer a quick overview of yourself

This is a chance to put yourself out there in a safe and casual environment. 
Show a slide containing what kind of person you are and the kind of work you do.


Include your social media handles

We’re here to support and champion each other. Having your social media handles on your slides allow attendees to follow and tag you on social media. Not only will this get you more followers over social media, you will also have your cool work shared over their network.


Offer questions

The best experience at TypeThursday is with work shared that has a question to be answered. If everything is figured out prior to sharing the work, there is not much the audience can do to help. There are other venues better suited for show and tell projects.


Start with small scope questions. Expand from there.

Start with detail questions first. Then zoom out to larger context questions after.


Frame your question with options

When you feel stuck on your project, take screenshots or a photo of different directions. Label them option A or B or C, etc. The audience can offer more focused responses when they are shown the right number options. Two or three options are a good number to aim for.


Have clear images for each option

We’re here to improve your work; No judgment here. The audience can’t understand what you are thinking without a clear visual. Focus on visuals that show the option rather than artistic shots that make the project look good. 


Have a significant difference between your options

It is useful to have a significant difference between options shown. If the options are too closely related, not much can be said about it. Showing options with dramatic differences within a variable will provoke stronger impressions in less time.


Take a look at these examples to give you a better idea.

Typeface Design by Mirko Iverson
Lettering by Kasi Tusi
Typography by Faride Mereb
Branding by Mark Davis

Come to Type Thursday in person and meet fellow type enthusiasts and practitioners like yourself!

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